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Crossing The Divide Short Story Series

Crossing The Divide is a series of surprising and darkly humorous short stories. If you like relatable characters, amusing dialogue, and action spiced with both comedy and tragedy, then you’ll love the Crossing The Divide short story series.

What Friends Are ForNEW RELEASE – What Friends Are For (Book 4)

Genre: Humorous Women’s Fiction

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When the mask breaks, what lies beneath?

When you’re a young mother living in a small town miles away from friends and family, boredom and loneliness are part of the job description. So when Tracy receives an unexpected call from the beautiful and elegant Kate Hensley, she jumps at the chance to get out of the house and share the company of another woman. But Kate is everything Tracy isn’t, and she finds herself questioning Kate’s motives in extending the invitation. When a chance meeting turns their expedition sour, Tracy gets her answer, but it’s not one she’s expecting…

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The Golden Cockroach book cover

The Golden Cockroach (Book 1)

Genre: Humorous Women’s Fiction

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He wants sex. She wants to drive his car…

It’s Nina’s third date with Jamie and she’s having second thoughts. He’s an insufferable jerk who only wants to talk about himself, and if it weren’t for his European sports car she would never have gone out with him in the first place. Depressed by both Jamie’s choice of restaurant and his attempts at conversation, her evening is looking grim. If only she had a knight in shining armour to come to her rescue…

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Riding Shotgun book coverRiding Shotgun (Book 2)

Genre: Humorous Women’s Fiction

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Be careful what you wish for

For Evelyn and her three friends, the daily commute through the mountains between home and the alpine resort town where they work is a long and exhausting one. It takes its toll on all of them, and Evelyn longs for a break in the routine; a little excitement to spice up her life. Finding herself in the driver’s seat on a chill winter’s morning, Evelyn’s mind begins to wander, but as the fog gets thicker, her thoughts get darker…

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Square Pegs Book CoverSquare Pegs (Book 3)

Genre: Humorous Literary Fiction

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All he wants is a cold drink on a hot day. Fate, however, has other ideas…

Darryl is a young man with dreams of a career in music, but life isn’t matching his expectations. Angry, bitter, and lonely, he finds it easier to relate to animals than people. After a frustrating morning follows a night disturbed by the criminal antics of his troublesome neighbours, the only thing he wants is to drown his sorrows. But when his quest for booze goes horribly wrong, Darryl discovers that friends can be found in unexpected places…

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Other Titles

The Art of Cigarette SmokingThe Art of Cigarette Smoking book cover

Genre: Humorous Literary Fiction

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Forget what your parents, teachers, and doctors told you…

Sure, smoking is bad for you. Everyone knows that. It makes your breath stink and it gives you cancer. But it’s still cool. Cool enough, in fact, to become an Olympic sport…

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