When launching a new book, reviews are really important in helping to maximise the success of the launch and in creating a platform to drive future book sales. Reviews are a sign of reader trust and are especially useful to potential readers who might be unsure about their book purchase. It’s common practice for both indie and traditionally published authors to establish a “launch team” or “street team” of people they engage to help them with new book launches.

I’m on the lookout for people to join my launch team, the Tsubaki Samurais. When you join my launch team, not only will you get access to new books weeks before they hit the shelves, you’ll also get them for FREE! In return, all I request is that you consider leaving an honest review on launch day (don’t worry, I’ll send you full instructions when the time comes).

What Friends Are For, Book 4 in the Crossing the Divide series, will be released soon, so get in now to make sure you’re part of the team for launch day. Just enter your name, your email address, and a brief comment (“Go Tsubaki Samurais” or something similar, so I know what it’s for) in the form below. I’ll add you to my launch team and when it’s ready, I’ll send you an Advance Review Copy of the book, as well as ARCs of all future releases.

Thanks for your support!

Email: jody@jbreynolds.net