Riding Shotgun

Be careful what you wish for

Riding Shotgun, the second book in the Crossing The Divide series, is now FREE for a limited time—you just need to tell me where to send it.

For Evelyn and her three friends, the daily commute through the mountains between home and the alpine resort town where they work is a long and exhausting one. It takes its toll on all of them, and Evelyn longs for a break in the routine; a little excitement to spice up her life. Finding herself in the driver’s seat on a chill winter’s morning, Evelyn’s mind begins to wander, but as the fog gets thicker, her thoughts get darker…

Riding Shotgun is the second instalment in a series of surprising and darkly humorous short stories. If you like relatable characters, amusing dialogue, and action spiced with both comedy and tragedy, then you’ll love my Crossing The Divide short story series.

Get Riding Shotgun to continue the surprising series today.