InterviewOver the next nine months, I’m going to be hosting a writers’ world tour and posting a monthly interview with members of a group of authors I’ve connected with online. The featured authors hail from all over the globe and write in a wide variety of genres, so there should be something and someone to suit everyone’s tastes, whatever they might be. I’ll post the interviews on the third Monday of each month. The interview schedule is as follows:


March’s interview is with Vince Rockston, an author who grew up on the island of Jersey and now lives in the Swiss countryside. He writes historical fiction with strong Christian themes.


April’s interview is with Amir Lane a supernatural and urban fantasy writer from Sudbury, Ontario, in Canada.


May’s interview is with Francisco Cordoba, a reclusive author who lives in an old farmhouse and writes about romance, relationships, adventures and sex.


June’s interview is with Canadian author, CD Gallant-King. He writes comic fantasy and horror about horrible people trying to be heroic in hilarious ways.


July’s interview is with Alex Schuler, who lives in Colorado and writes in several genres, including fantasy, fairy tale, speculative fiction and literary fiction.


August’s interview is with Jocelynn Babcock, an author of supernatural thrillers.


September’s interview is with D. de Carvalho, a native of far-flung locations who writes hot ‘n’ spicy erotic tales.


October’s interview is with MD Neu, an author who lives in San Jose, California, and writes paranormal fiction and science fiction.


November’s interview is with Trin Carl, an author from Minnesota, USA, who writes young adult fiction and literary fiction.

I’m looking forward to getting to know these writers a little better and discovering more about their writing over the course of the year. Stay tuned for Vince Rockston’s interview on March 20th. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the featured authors or their interviews, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them.